Jessica Jung vs IU

Jessica Jung – IU and that floral mini dress! Who do you think wore it better?


Back in March 7th, Jessica Jung updated her IG jessica.syg with a photo saying Au revoir, Paris after wrapping up her Paris fashion month gigs. In typical Jessica style, she looked very elegant, well-poised and every little detail in her photo screamed high-end elegance.


Meanwhile, “My Mister” actress IU wore the same dress last March 27th during her Netflix original series “Persona” press conference. IU opted to cinch her waist some more by adding a white belt to the already small waisted dress. She looked very pure, prim and proper in the same floral dress.


The floral-print mini dress with ruffle details is from Alexandra Rich ($1,490).


Who do you think wore it better? Is it Jessica Jung or IU. My verdict??? Ohhhh.. I always admire Jessica’s fashion sense but personally, I pick IU. With her down-to-earth personality, she made the dress look achievable and although the dress is nowhere near affordable (at least for me), she fooled me into thinking that it’s something I can afford 🙂

Source: IG  jessica.syg, Newsen.

Disclaimer: Price mentioned is based on information found online. Price may change without prior notice.

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