Gong Hyo Jin vs Min Hyo Rin

It’s a lovely day! Especially when 2 KStars play dress up in this Greek-styled Dior Spring 2019 Collection.


In a very not so Gong Hyo Jin style. “Jealousy Incarnate” actress wore the white Grecian dress during a Dior event in Hong Kong.


Meanwhile, blooming and ever beautiful Min Hyo Rin or Mrs. Taeyang wore the same dress at another Dior Event in Seoul.



My verdict? Well, I’m not used to seeing Gong Hyo Jin looking so regal and girly. Her fashion has always been  risque and undictated so I think the only GHJ from her entire look is her lippie. Everything else screams not so her so for this one, I definitely give this to Min Hyo Rin because her style has always been on the lady-like spin. The only thing I don’t love about her look is the Lady Dior black bag. It feels so disconnected with everything, felt like it was something that was put on her in a hurry. Anywho, for those interested in this white draped jersey gown… You can make it yours from Christian Dior for $4,400.

Source: Newsen, On,cc
Disclaimer: Price mentioned is based on information found online. Price may change without prior notice.


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