Who Wore The Speedhunters Tee Better? Sandara Park vs Red Velvet Yeri

Streetstyle and airport fashion in one! Check out Sandara Park and Red Velvet Yeri rock this Speedhunters tee and of course… do not forget to cast your votes below!


Last March 9th, I featured Sandara Park’s airport fashion as she came back to Korea after her glam week in Paris Fashion Week.  She was spotted wearing Balenciaga’s black Speedhunters oversized tshirt (priced at $550) tucked in white denim pants, layered with Balenciaga’s black hourglass double breasted coat (priced at $3,300) and black Acne Studios beanie.


2 weeks later, Red Velvet Yeri was spotted in Incheon International Airport wearing the same Speedhunters shirt after coming back from a photo shoot. She is wearing Balenciaga’s black Speedhunters oversized tshirt (priced at $550) over a plaid shirt, light denim pants, black bucket hat and black Chanel CC sandals.


Who’s streetstyle look do you prefer? Is it Sandara Park or Red Velvet Yeri?


Source: Photo credit as captioned.

Disclaimer: Price mentioned is based on information found online. Price may change without prior notice.

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