Who Wore the Alexander Wang Hoodie Better? Gray vs NCT Doyoung

My BFF, @getlostwithgrace has been bugging me to feature her new Oppa, Gray. It should be said that she changes her oppa almost every month or two 🙂 So, when I saw NCT Doyoung wearing the same hoodie as Gray… it was my chance to earn some bestie points 🙂 Without further ado… let’s start… who wore the Alexander Wang hoodie better?


Gray was spotted last March 20th wearing the Alexander Wang hoodie during Yoox X Suecomma Bonnie launching event in Seoul. He paired his hoodie with black ripped jeans and Alexander Wang’s A1 Combat boot ($650).

Photo c/o Newsen
Photo c/o Newsen

Meanwhile, NCT Doyoung wore the same hoodie way before Gray did. He wore it during Power of K Tokyo Live last March 4th.

Photo c/o IG NCT127
Photo c/o Korepo Korea Entame Site

Gray and NCT Doyoung are wearing Alexander Wang’s light grey athletic jersey hoodie (HK$6,700).


So… the golden question is… who do you think pulled off this streetstyle better? Is it 23 year old NCT Doyoung or is it 32 year old Gray!!! Vote for your bias now 🙂


Source: Photo c/o Newsen, IG NCT127 and  Korepo Korea Entame Site.

Disclaimer: Price mentioned is based on information found online. Price may change without prior notice.


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