Who Wore the Gucci Retro look better? Jo Bo Ah vs AOA Seolhyun

Gucci is not stopping in bringing back the retro feels and the latest muse for the fashion giant’s pieces are 2 of my faves in K-World. Help me decide… who wore this Gucci Spring 2019 Collection look better!


Last week, I featured “My Strange Hero” actress Jo Bo Ah attending Gucci Zumi’s event wearing an oversized blue dyed Gucci vintage logo button-down cotton jersey sweatshirt ($2,700) over Gucci strawberry print high-neck silk top with ruffle trims ($2,400) paired with Gucci’s red leopard print skirt ($3,200), Gucci mid-heel pump with crystal G heel ($1,980) and the actual star of the night… Gucci Zumi strawberry print mini bag ($2,200).


Around 3 days later, AOA Seolhyun posted in IG her photo shoot for W Korea magazine donning the same look but accessorized differently. She is wearing the same Gucci strawberry print high-neck silk top with ruffle trims ($2,400) paired with Gucci’s red leopard print skirt ($3,200), Gucci Zumi  strawberry print top-handle bag ($4,500) and Gucci’s metallic leather mid-heel pump with double G logo ($1,250). If it’s any consolation, Seolhyun’s look is cheaper than Bo Ah. Bo Ah’s head-to-toe Gucci look sums up to around $12,480 while Seolhyun’s is just around $11,350. That’s a $1K saving 🙂


Okay… verdict time! I’m not a big fan of Bo Ah’s ajumma (aunt) hair and to be honest, although I love Gucci and how it defibrillator-ized retro style but this specific look is just too much. I can take it in piecemeal but in one big canvas like this, it’s just too much. Anyway, let me know your thoughts and vote! Who do you think rocked the Gucci retro look better?Who-Wore-It-Better-Jo-Bo-Ah-vs-AOA-Seolhyun-IG-Drama-Chronicles

Source: Newsen, IG sh_9513.

Disclaimer: Price mentioned is based on information found online. Price may change without prior notice.

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