Who Wore The $9,490 Dress Better? Song Hye Kyo vs Han Ye Seul

The worst thing that can happen is 2 Queens battling it out against each other! It’s like having 2 Cleopatra’s vying for the same crown or in this case… same Givenchy blue dress with a whopping price tag of $9,450!


“Encounter” actress Song Hye Kyo was first published wearing this blue dress back in mid Feb when Elle Korea shared a preview of their photo shoot. Donning a short do and ultra bling style… and I mean… ultra ladies… if the dress is not expensive enough… shift your focus to her gems! She is wearing Chaumet from their Joséphine Aigrette Impériale collection.

Meanwhile, “Big Issue” actress Han Ye Seul was spotted wearing the same dress for “Little Old Boy (My Ugly Duckling)” show.She went for a loose pony look and accessorized her busy dress with simple hoop earrings.

The sky blue mid length ruffle pleated dress they are wearing is from Givenchy’s Spring 2019 Collection ($9,490).


So who do you think wore this intricate dress better?

Fun Fact: Did you know that Song Hye Kyo and Han Ye Seul are same age? Yup. They are both 37 years old! Han Ye Seul is only older by 2 months 🙂

Source: Elle, My Little Old Boy, IG han_ye_seul_.

Disclaimer: Price mentioned is based on information found online. Price may change without prior notice.

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