Yoo Ah In’s “Chicago Typewriter” Ep 5-6 Fashion

“Chicago Typewriter” mystery slowly gets unveiled with episode 5 revealing that Han Se Ju (played by Yoo Ah In) used to be a ghost writer himself and episode 6 revealing that his supposed “ghost writer” is in fact a literal– ghost! Boo!!! Okay so let’s get down to business and check out what oppa is wearing amidst all this unveiling of truths that’s happening left and right.

In episode 5, Yoo Ah In went to his agency to stop Jeon Seol (played by Im Soo Jung) from making an agreement with his manager. The beige distressed knit vest he wore over a long-sleeved shirt is from Christian Dada (¥20,520).

Yoo Ah In wearing Christian Dada.

The eyeglasses he sported was Yuichi Toyama’s walter eyeglasses (€344).

Yoo Ah In wearing Yuichi Toyama.

Then in episode 6, after his very public breakdown in front of the press. He went to his doctor wearing a Ralph Lauren’s srtiped shirt with chest patch pocket ($125).

Yoo Ah In wearing Ralph Lauren.
Yoo Ah In wearing Ralph Lauren.

Source: tvN 2017 “Chicago Typewriter” Ep 5-6.

Disclaimer: Prices mentioned are based on information found online. Prices may change without prior notice.

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