Who Wore It Better

Who Wore It Better: Sandara Park vs Hyuna

Former “2ne1” Sandara Park and former “4Minute” Hyuna up against each other in this issue of who wore it better?!

Sandara Park vs Hyuna

During the later part of March, Marie Claire Hong Kong released their pictorial with “One Step” star Sandara Park wearing this Christian Dior equestrian look.

Sandara Park c/o Marie Claire HK

And just a few days ago, Cosmopolitan Korea released their pictorial with Hyuna wearing the same look.

Hyuna c/o Cosmopolitan Korea

Sandara and Hyuna are wearing Christian Dior’s white sleeveless quilted top with bee embroidered design from Christian Dior’s Spring 2017 Collection.

Who do you think wore it better? Is it Sandara in her soft waves and her simply pretty glam look or is it Hyuna in her fierce sexy look?

Sandara Park vs Hyuna

Vote now!

Source: Cosmopolitan Korea and Marie Claire HK.


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