Who Wore It Better

Who Wore It Better: Kim Ha Neul vs Han Hyo Joo

“On The Way To The Airport” Kim Ha Neul and “W-Two Worlds” Han Hyo Joo wearing the same Burberry coat! Who wore it better?

Kim Ha Neul vs Han Hyo Joo

Kim Ha Neul wore the Burberry look for Marie Claire Korea December of 2016.

Kim Ha Neul c/o Marie Claire Korea

But, Han Hyo Joo wore it first in her pictorial with Grazia which was released later part of November 2016.

Han Hyo Joo c/o Grazia

They are wearing Burberry’s cotton gabardine trench coat with leopard-print sleeves (£2,195) and Burberry’s black riveted leather double wrap belt (£425) from Burberry’s Fall 2016 Collection.

Han Hyo Joo and Kim Ha Neul wearing Burberry.

Burberry Gabardine Trench Coat

Source: Marie Claire Korea, Grazia.

Disclaimer: Price mentioned is based on information found online. Price may change without prior notice. 


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