Who Wore It Better: Im Yoona vs Park Min Young

These 2 leading ladies don’t just share the same leading man in hunky action KStar Ji Chang Wook. Recently, the two ladies also share the same leather skirt fashion! Who do you think Wore It Better? Is it “The K2” and Girl’s Generation “Lion Heart” idol Im Yoona or is it “Healer” Park Min Young?! Let me know your thoughts!


“The K2” star Im Yoona wore the Bally leather miniskirt for their drama’s promise event held last 11 November in where she and oppa Ji Chang Wook personally served coffee to 100 lucky fans in gratitude for their support in helping them reach their goal rating.

Im Yoona c/o TV Report
Im Yoona c/o TV Report
Im Yoona c/o Newsen
Im Yoona c/o Newsen

Meanwhile, “Healer” actress Park Min Young wore the same Bally leather mini skirt when she attended “Hyung” VIP Premiere last November 23 in CGV Wangsimni.

Park Min Young c/o Newsen
Park Min Young c/o Newsen
Park Min Young c/o Newsen
Park Min Young c/o Newsen

Wanna grab their leather fashion? The Bally leather mini skirt can be yours for £850.

Bally mini skirt

Source: Newsen, TV Report.

Disclaimer: Price mentioned is based on information found  in Bally’s website. Price may change without prior notice. 

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