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Bae Suzy’s Bag Airport Fashion

“Uncontrollably Fond” actress and Miss A “Hush” idol was spotted last December 3 after coming back from Hong Kong. The pretty idolactress attended the 2016 MAMA (MNet Asian Music Awards) where she performed her duet song with EXO Baekhyun titled “Dream”. They won the award for Best Collaboration.


Suzy is seen wearing a simple oversized turtleneck sweater and black pants so the centre of her look was her studded black bag which is from Fendi.


Bae Suzy c/o Newsen


Bae Suzy c/o Newsen


Bae Suzy c/o Newsen


Bae Suzy c/o Newsen

The Fendi mini peekaboo bag is priced at £ 2,690. While the regular sized Fendi peekaboo bag is priced at £ 3,470.


Fendi Mini Peekaboo

Source: Newsen.

Disclaimer: Price mentioned is based on information found  on Fendi’s website. Price may change without prior notice.


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