A Guide to Han Hyo Joo’s Burberry and Folli Follie Fashion in Grazia mag

“W-Two Worlds” unnie Han Hyo Joo is back and dazzling everyone once again with her beauty in Grazia magazine. The 29-year-old goddess is picture perfect in Burberry’s Fall 2016 Collection and Folli Follie accessories and if you want to get her fashion, I’ve listed the prices of her apparel and accessories and the link on where you can check it out further! Happy shopping sistahs!


Han Hyo Joo Look #01 c/o Grazia

For unnie Han Hyo Joo’s 1st look, she is wearing the Burberry’s Guipure Lace Dress worth £4,395, Folli Follie’s touch ring worth $65, Folli Follie’s carma necklace worth £70, Folli Follie’s touch earrings worth £45, Folli Follie’s carma ring in rose gold and silver which is worth $40 each, Folli Follie’s carma bracelet in rose gold and silver tone each worth $60, Folli Follie’s checkmate watch worth £380. Wow! Talk about accessory layering at its best!


Burberry Guipure Lace Dress


Han Hyo Joo Look #02 c/o Grazia

For unnie HHJ’s 2nd look, she is wearing Burberry’s cashmere wrap trench coat worth £1,795 and Burberry’s cut-out platform boots worth £1,295.


Burberry Cashmere Wrap Trench Coat


Burberry Cut-Out Platform Boots


Han Hyo Joo Look #03 c/o Grazia

For unnie’s 3rd look, she strolled the beach of Bali in Burberry’s floral fil coupé silk dress worth £2,495 and Burberry’s piped cropped military wool cashmere jacket worth £1,750.


Burberry Floral Dress


Burberry Cropped Jacket (Model photo c/o Vogue from Burberry’s Fall 2016 Collection)


Han Hyo Joo Look #04 c/o Grazia

For her 4th look, unnie is wearing a grey wool belted wrap coat from Burberry worth £995.


Burberry grey wool belted wrap coat


Han Hyo Joo Look #05 c/o Grazia

For her 5th look, Han Hyo Joo is wearing Burberry’s wool cavalry jacket worth £3,795 and Burberry’s garden floral print pleated technical organza skirt worth £2,095.


Burberry Wool Cavalry Jacket


Burberry Floral Printed Pleated Skirt


Han Hyo Joo Look #06 c/o Grazia

For her 6th look, unnie is wearing Burberry’s braided tulle column skirt worth £1,095, Burberry’s cable knit wool cashmere sweater worth £1,395 and her accessories are from Folli Follie. She is wearing Folli Follie’s retro square watch worth €160, Folli Follie’s knots ring in rose gold worth $90 and silver toned worth £65.


Burberry Braided Tulle Column Skirt


Burberry Wool Cashmere Sweater


Han Hyo Joo Look #07 c/o Grazia

Unnie’s last look is Burberry’s cotton gabardine trench coat with leopard-print sleeves worth £2,195.


Burberry Gabardine Trench Coat

Source: Grazia.

Disclaimer: Prices mentioned are based on information found in Burberry and Folli Follie website. Prices may change without prior notice.


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