KStars September Airport Fashion

Whether they’re headed for a shoot or a short vacay, these KStars offer an array of travel inspirational looks ranging from glam to all the way comfy. Let’s take a look at the different September Airport Fashion looks that our KStars have donned. Don’t forget to cast your vote!

First up, “Uncontrollably Fond” actress Bae Suzy showed everyone why she’s dubbed “Korea’s Icon of First Love” with her straight out of the magazine picture perfect flawless ladylike look.

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“Asura: The City of Madness” actor Ju Ji Hyun shows off a debonair clean look by wearing a denim jacket over his all black outfit.

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“My Love from the Star” actress Jun Ji Hyun shows how to add a pop of color in her casual look by wearing a bright toned biker-style jacket over her oversized white button-up shirt and jeans. Her shades and white kicks sealed her comfort-all-the-way look.

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“Let’s Fight, Ghost” actress Kim So Hyun kept her fashion true to her age with a simple tee and jeans look.

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“My Loveable Girl” actress and KPop “f(x)” member Krystal Jung proved you can never go wrong with an all black ensemble. Krystal completed her look with Tod’s small wave bag ($3025).

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“Please Come Back, Mister” actress Lee Min Jung shows an all black glamorous side but what highlighted her fashion more is the fun twist in her Mickey Mouse cellphone case.

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“Missing Korea” actress and KPop “2ne1” member Sandara Park stays true to her fun side with her multi layered borrowed-from-the-boys look and cat eye sunnies.

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“W-Two Worlds” actress Han Hyo Joo proves that black is every girls must-have! The best accessory she had to her all black ensemble is her natural pale translucent skin that just shined along the black canvass outfit.

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“The K2” actress Im Yoona goes to flaunt one of her best assets– her long legs! She goes for a comfy casual look by pairing her all black ensemble with a denim jacket.

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“Cheese in the Trap” actor Seo Kang Joon goes for “comfort is key” look.

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Lastly, “W-Two Worlds” star Lee Jong Suk made the airport look like a runway. Just when I thought I’ve had enough of ’em ripped jeans look, the model-turned-actor shows up and convinces me otherwise.

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